Our Wines 

2013 LYRA (new) –A blend made from four Mediterranean red wine grapes (Syrah, Cab Franc, Sangiovese, and Gamay), this wine shows spicy oak aromas and flavors that include vanilla and berries.  $18.81

2014 TRAMINETTE – (new)  A crisp and refreshing white wine, with floral aromas (including roses and elderflowers) and candy apple and grapefruit flavors.  $16.93

2014 LA CRESCENT – (new) An off dry white wine with aromas of pineapple and refreshing fruit flavors. $16.93

2014 COVENTRY RED – (new)  A rich, fruity red wine made from our Frontenac grape.  Perfect as either a stand- alone beverage or paired with cheese or dessert.  $16.93

2014 COVENTRY SPICE (new) – Spicy cinnamon aromas and cherry and plum flavors, showing hints of black tea and clementines. A wonderful holiday wine!  $ 17.87

2011 RESERVE CHARDONNAY –  Classically styled Chardonnay with extensive French oak aging. A full bodied wine with aromas of buttered toast, fresh apple and roasted chestnuts.  Balanced flavors of pear, apple and a creamy, buttery finish.  $ 17.87        
Cassidy Hill Vineyard

Made from the vineyard’s chambourcin grapes, this lighter rosé has aromas suggestive of raspberry and anise, and fresh summer flavors of raspberries and cranberries. $16.93

An Italian style Pinot with both fruit and flowery aromas. Light, dry and crisp, it shows bright flavors of lime. A food-friendly wine. $16.93

 Classic Riesling with floral aromas of honeysuckle and orange blossom.  An off dry wine showing lively hints of nectarine, melon and tangerine. $16.93

Made from Cayuga White grapes, this sweeter wine shows wonderful strawberry aromas and citric flavors. A perfect wine for that languid summer afternoon. $16.93

Named for the vineyard’s winery dog, this red wine is a blend of Merlot, Syrah, and Malbec, and has wonderful cherry and blueberry flavors and spicy aromas. $16.93

A blend made from our Vidal and Traminette grapes, this white wine features aromas of apricot and honeydew melons. With a pleasant and nice finish, this wine shows flavors including lychee nuts and apricot preserves. $16.93

 With ruby red colors, this wine shows tart cherry and cocoa flavors with attractive warm spice notes. $18.81

 Shows aromas of oak, apples and pears.  This wine has a creamy mouth feel and a toasty finish.  Enjoy especially with food. $16.93

Available only in half bottles, this wine shows sweet citrus aromas and subtle hints of elderflower.  Smooth tasting, it shows flavors reminiscent of honey and dried pineapple.   $10.95/ sale – two bottles for  $16.93

 Fresh and delicious, this white wine shows a refreshing combination of grape and citrus tastes.  $16.93


Catawba is an American grape variety. The exact origin of the Catawba grape is unclear.  The Catawba vine was first identified in western North Carolina around 1801.

The Catawba grape is one of the earliest native American grapes used in wine production.  From 1825 to 1850 it was the most widely planted grape in the United States.  Nicholas Longworth founded America’s first commercially successful winery along the Ohio River where he planted Catawba and produced the first Catawba wine.  His Catawba wine was sold and distributed as far away as California and Europe.  Longworth’s Catawba wine was so popular that he is said to be the founder of wine culture in America.

In 1858 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow published a poem dedicated to Nicholas Longworth and Catawba, his favorite wine.

“Ode to Catawba Wine”


This song of mine

Is a Song of the Vine,

To be sung by the glowing embers

Of wayside inns,

When the rain begins

To darken the drear Novembers.

It is not a song

Of the Scuppernong,

From warm Carolinian valleys,

Nor the Isabel

And the Muscaded

That bask in our  garden alleys.

Nor the red Mustang,

Whose clusters hang

O’er the waves of the Colorado,

And the fiery flood

Of whose purple blood

Has a dash of Spanish bravado.

For the richest and best

Is the wine of the West,

That grows by the Beautiful River;

Whose sweet perfume

Fills all the room

With a benison on the giver.

And as hollow trees

Are the haunts of bees,

For ever going and coming;

So this crystal hive

Is all alive

With a swarming and buzzing and humming.

Very good in its way

Is the Verzenay,

Or the Sillery soft and creamy;

But Catawba wine

Has a taste more divine,

More dulcet, delicious, and dreamy.


There grows no vine

By the haunted Rhine,

By Danube or Guadalquivir,

Nor on island or cape,

That bears such a grape

As grows by the Beautiful River.

Drugged is their juice

For foreign use,

When shipped o’er the reeling Atlantic,

To rack our brains

With the fever pains,

That have driven the Old World frantic.

To the sewers and sinks

With all such drinks,

And after them tumble the mixer;

For a poison malign

Is such Borgia wine,

Or at baest but a Devil’s Elixir.

While pure as a spring

Is the wine I sing,

And to praise it, one needs but name it;

For Catawba wine

Has need of no sign,

No tavern-bush to proclaim it.

And this Song of the Vine,

This greeting of mine,

The winds and the birds shall deliver

To the Queen of the West,

In her garlands dressed,

On the banks of the Beautiful River.







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